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The Need

In these distressing, recessionary times when so many are losing income, jobs and even homes, there has never been a better time to learn how to use this proven spiritual technology to create what you need. Using the technology of Radical Manifestation could make all the difference. It could even be a matter of survival.

OK, so you may be skeptical about the Law of Attraction, but let me be blunt here. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to try anything that might secure your lifestyle when everyone else is losing theirs? What have you got to lose?

Click here to see how Radical Manifestation + Radical Forgiveness becomes Radical Empowerment — guaranteed to supercharge your ability to manifest.

Click here, too, to see how to you might quadruple your income with the Online Radical Money Program.

The Online Radical Manifestation Program

In this one program you have all the tools you need to attract the very things you need, whether it be the perfect job, money or even a loving relationship. You won’t find tools like this anywhere else. They are unique, easy to use and effective.

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Why the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

The principle behind the Law of Attraction is that whatever you put out in thought or intention comes back to you. It’s that simple. But, since we mostly do it without awareness, we think life happens by accident. Wrong!

Add to this the fact that the thoughts creating our reality are coming mostly from our subconscious minds and, since most of those are negative, they create limitations. They are many times more powerful than thoughts originating in the conscious mind, so they win every battle, every time.

The Online Radical Manifestation Program overcomes this problem by enabling you to bypass the subconscious mind altogether and, instead, uses your Spiritual Intelligence. (That’s the part of you that knows the truth of who you are and is directly connected to Universal Intelligence).

Your Spiritual Intelligence uses the fine subtle energy that emanates from Spirit to create your desires. Your subconscious mind cannot detect these subtle energies so it doesn’t even notice that change is happening. That means no resistance to your having what you want and the gates to your abundance stay wide open.

So What Do You Want to Create?

A new relationship, a job, a different career perhaps, a raise, a new car, a vacation, a wiser government, world peace even. The point is that whatever it is you want, you have the means to create it — The Online Radical Manifestation Program.

Radical Manifestation

With this program you will learn how to discover your purpose, create a vision for your life, and how to set goals and intentions properly so your Spiritual Intelligence can act on them.

You will have unlimited free use of all the on-line tools included in the program for twelve months, by which time you will have manifested so much abundance you will be the envy of all your friends. What could be better? And all for a one-time investment of $70.00 for the use of the tools 24/7 for a whole year.

10-Day Money Back Guarantee. You can examine the Online Radical Manifestation Program and make sure that it is for you. If within that 10 day period you honestly feel it is not a fit and you let us know, we will refund your money minus a 6% bank fee, no questions asked.

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A Typical Testimonial

Colin Tipping¹s new Online Radical Manifestation program delivers on so many different levels it’s truly a joy to explore each module. The technology is deceptively simple but the effects are magical and life changing. And it just gets better and better. It’s both exciting and liberating to view the world from an entirely different perspective and embark on a whole new way of living. This program will turn your current world upside down and shake up old beliefs and assumptions, but a bit of discomfort is a spit in the ocean in exchange for the ability to create a life with what you consciously choose to manifest. Dreams of a life with more purpose, improved relationships, better health and so on were just that - a list of dreams. But this program for sure isn’t. It’s for real and I, for one, am up for more.

Roberta Leigh, San Francisco.

Radical Manifestation

Radical Manifestation


To Order a copy of Colin’s book, Radical Manifestation, The Fine Art of Creating the Life You Want, click here.


Radical Empowerment 

The Radical Manifestation Workshop

If you really want to develop your knowledge and skills in Radical Manifestation but simply don’t have the patience and discipline to do it on your own then this weekend workshop is your answer. You will receive all the practical, down-to-earth methods, tools and useful information contained in the on-line program but doing it in a workshop setting with other people is obviously a wholly different experience.




Order the Book

Order The Book on CD

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 I make the workshop as active and experiential as possible so you fully integrate the material at the deepest level. There are also some things we can offer in a workshop that we cannot provide in the on-line program, such as a ‘Satori’ Breathwork session, a PowerShift Group and The Money Game, all of which are very powerful group experiences.

Workshops On Demand

Because I am now doing workshops overseas a lot more than I used to, I am not able to create a fixed schedule of workshops here in Atlanta as indicated on the video. One way around this is to keep a list of people who would like to attend a workshop and for me to personally contact them when I am able to schedule one. Workshop




Radical Empowerment 

Radical Manifestation + Radical Forgiveness = Radical Empowerment:
(RM + RF = RE)

FACT: You cannot become adept at using the Law of Attraction to create your life if you don’t have all your energy (and hence your creative power), in present time.

Radical Empowerment KitRESPONSE: With the Radical Empowerment Program, you first use the power of Radical Forgiveness to bring your energy into present time by clearing out all your old emotional baggage and mental programming from the past. Then you use the power of Radical Manifestation to create an abundant future.

The Radical Empowerment Program
The promise implied in the formula RM + RF = RE is that you will become spiritually empowered, fully awake, loving, peaceful, abundant and happy. It will give you a life with more meaning, better relationships, improved health, and more money than you have ever dreamed of having. With this program you can have it all.

Through keeping the observation journal over a period of 12 months you will develop a Radical Empowerment frame of mind from which to live as a spiritually conscious and abundant being.

The Radical Empowerment Package Comprises:

DVD - Empowerment Through Radical Forgiveness
DVD - The Soul’s Journey - The Metaphysics of Radical Forgiveness
DVD - The Tools of Radical Forgiveness
DVD - Radical Relationships
DVD - Radical Self-Forgiveness & Self-Acceptance
DVD - The Tools of Radical Manifestation (NEW)
DVD - The Money Consciousness Worksheet (NEW)
CD - 13 Steps to Radical Forgiveness
CD - 13 Steps to Radical Self-Forgiveness
CD - 13 Steps to Radical Manifestation
CD - The Radical Forgiveness Meditations
CD - The Spiritual Intelligence Training Processes
Laminated “Money Consciousness” Worksheet
Printed Pad of Forgiveness Worksheets
Printed Pad of Self Forgiveness Worksheets
Printed Pad of Radical Manifestation Worksheets
Printed Radical Empowerment “Miracles” Journal
Printed Radical Empowerment Workbook
Book: “Radical Manifestation: The Fine Art of Creating the Life You Want” by Colin Tipping
The Radical Manifestation On-line Program (What is this?)






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Radical Empowerment

Note: The book you saw on the video was later retitled from Radical Empowerment to Radical Manifestation.

No Risk, 30-day, Money Back Guarantee If after you have received and reviewed the program you are not happy with it, you may return it in good condition within a period of 30 days and receive all your money back, no questions asked.

Value of Program Because we want to enable many thousands of people to embark on this remarkable journey of spiritual growth and empowerment, benefiting not only themselves, but contributing to the general raising of the planetary vibration, we are making this program very affordable. The entire package is just $365 - just a dollar ($) a day for 12 months.

Radical Empowerment

Radical Empowerment 

The Online X4 Radical Money Program

Radical Money ProgramWould you like to quadruple your income in two years? This is the program that will help you do it.

Manifesting $$$$
When you ask people what they want to manifest they nearly always answer - more money. But while the Radical Manifestation process can be used for creating an amount of money for a specific purpose, it is not so effective for generally increasing one’s income level. So we have designed this program for just this purpose alone.

Software - “Prosperity Through Spending.”
There are many elements to the program, including a book, a manual, worksheets, and audio files but at the very heart of it is a piece of proprietary software the purpose of which is to gradually raise your income set-point. This is the maximum income amount beyond which your subconscious mind will not allow you to go, or if it does, then just once only.

Virtual $$$$
Closely tied to your income set-point is your spending set-point and it is that which the software is designed to gradually move upwards, dragging your income set-point with it. Don’t worry though. We are not going to have you do it by making you spend real money. No, what the program does is enter into your virtual account ever-creasing amounts of ‘virtual money’ which you must actively go through the process of ‘spending.’ You must zero your account by the end of the month.

We make an initial deposit into your virtual account that is equal to or just a touch over, your current income set-point. (There are instructions in the manual that tell you how to establish this.) You must spend all the money in that account each month and you keep track of it all in an on-line journal.

The Joy of Spending
The idea is to get you accustomed to joyfully spending lots of money on high ticket items in a number of specific categories including travel, education, gifts, savings, investments, housing and so on. Occasionally you may receive additional money like a bequest or a tax refund and you have to spend that too. This process lasts for an entire year. It is demanding of your time but it will be worth it. And it is fun.

Your Real Income Begins to Match Your Virtual Income
The idea is that as you get used to seeing those numbers grow and by going through the motions of spending the virtual money in the same proportion, your real income will begin to match it. You will automatically begin to attract more money to you, because your subconscious mind will see these increasing amounts as ‘pleasure’ rather than pain, and will allow it in. It’s the best way we know of creating the conditions where the Law of Attraction can really work.

All elements of the program are downloadable so there are no limits on distance or location and the cost is ridiculously low. A one-time unbelievable charge of just $97.00. How about that for value!

Radical Money Program

Radical Empowerment 

Training Opportunities

If you think it would be satisfying and fulfilling to be able to share the principles and tools of Radical Manifestation, either as a Book Study leader, a Radical Manifestation Coach/Workshop Leader, or a Radical Empowerment Teacher click here for more information.

Radical Empowerment 

Creating the Money for a Workshop

So You Can’t Afford the Workshop? The obvious ‘smart alec’ response is, “Well that must mean you really need the workshop!”  You’ve probably heard that before and have been shamed by it.  It is rather cruel to do that to someone who is struggling with money issues — I know, I have been there.  There’s some truth to it, of course, but at least we are ‘putting our money where our mouth is’ with Radical Manifestation, by recognizing that it is a real problem and giving you a way to actually manifest the money. We first did this for people who wanted to come on our 2005 Radical Empowerment Cruise but didn’t have the money.  Seventy percent of those who did this program succeeded in creating the money, which is pretty good. I choose to believe that anyone who really wants to come to the Radical Manifestation Workshop can manifest the money in time for the date he or she sets as the workshop to attend. Here’s how I would like to support you in manifesting the money.I will provide you with the following:

a) A custom-made CD featuring a special ‘workshop manifestation’ visualization/meditation.
b) A special Radical Manifestation Worksheet with instructions.
c) A special Money Consciousness Worksheet
Your Commitment
You know very well that nothing happens until you make a commitment. Once you have made a commitment, the Universe supports you in achieving it. Your commitment would be as follows

1.  Make a firm promise to yourself that you are going to attend a particular workshop on a particular date certain and that you will have the money to book the workshop one month ahead.  Write this intention up, illustrate it and hang it somewhere prominent.
2.  Use all the materials supplied and follow the instructions given.
3.  Purchase the book and read it; or listen to it if you buy the audio version.
4.  Pay an upfront ‘commitment fee’ of $50.  This is by way of an energy exchange and serves as a strong signal to your subconscious mind and the Universe that you are committed. It is non-refundable only if you do not come to a workshop within a 12 months period. If you attend a workshop it will be deducted from the cost, so in the end you will have lost nothing.  All monies collected for this purpose and not refunded will be used for charitable purposes, so I will not be profiting from anyone’s failure.Please let us know if you would like to be part of this program.

Create Money for workshop

Radical Manifestation Tools

Free Radical Manifestation Tools
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Free Radical Manifestation Tools

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